Program presentation

Studies have been carried out with more than 100 managers to find out the reasons for workplace conflict (Baron, 1990).

Studies have shown that the following reasons are among the most important:

  • Distrust
  • Power struggles
  • Differences in personality
  • Inappropriate criticism
  • Salary

Research has shown that the reason for inappropriate criticism has led to most conflicts. This demonstrates how important it is to train team members and managers on the art of feedback and the appropriate methods to deliver criticism.

You will be presented with different techniques to provide feedback to others in this program. It can be feedback to colleagues, subordinates and even to your boss. You will learn about the benefits of the work environment in which people provide constructive feedback. The program contains many examples of good or less good statements to demonstrate what works and what does not work when providing feedback.

Who is this program designed for?

All the employees in the organization. Giving feedback is not just a behaviour for managers and superiors. Colleagues can give useful feedback to each other as a way to help each other for personal and professional development.

Program structure / Addressed topics

  1. What is feedback?
  2. What are the benefits of giving feedback?
  3. Is it hard to give feedback?
  4. What is the ideal feedback?
  5. Is it hard to receive feedback?
  6. The model of the communication
  7. Communication errors
  8. How to handle feedback errors
  9. The right mindset to provide feedback
  10. How to give feedback
  11. Appreciation and gratitude
  12. Giving praise in 5 steps
  13. High-level feedback
  14. Receiving feedback

Why Feedback with INSPIRES?

Vast Experience

Our consultants have trained more than 70.000 people from various organizations from Romania and abroad.

Unique style

The combination of a vivid, alert, informal presentation style with the provision of relevant examples, good quality humour and pragmatism provides the guarantee of a memorable course experience.

Concrete results in the organization

The long-term impact of the sessions held by the INSPIRES consultants is reinforced by customer feedback over time.

Improve your skills to provide feedback and learn how to confidently give it!
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