People grow through memorable learning experiences.

We inspire them to capitalize on their competences through training, speech, facilitation, consulting, coaching.

We grow the people who grow the business.

Better people, better business.


The success of a training depends on both solid content and the experience and talent of the trainer. The personal impression of the trainer plays a decisive role in the course’s impact on audience.

INSPIRES trainers create memorable learning experiences through their outstanding ability to send powerful messages, using suggestive examples in a simple manner. Our trainers have the ability to spontaneously manage situations arising during the course and provide ‘chemistry’ with the group, by creating a special emotional climate that encourages the opening of participants and learning in a pleasant way.

The INSPIRES team has an impressive number of days of training delivered, has knowledge and experience in the courses’ topics and stands out by the ability to structure information and clarity in expression.

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Online Courses

During this period, INSPIRES trainers are delivering online courses and training, through live streaming. The professional studio is equipped with audio-video equipment which provides a smooth, seamless, enjoyable to watch online learning experience, based on the highest quality picture and sound.

  • Sharp image, true-to-life color delivered by 3-4 semi-professional camcorders
  • Professional background, no personal decorations in the picture
  • Instant image switching without share-screen with different possibilities: frame with center trainer, trainer at the same time as Power-point picture presentation, digital flip chart, standing speaker
  • Position the picture-in-picture image at any size and anywhere on the screen
  • The ability to attach “tickers” instantly with the company logo, with the name of the course, the trainer
  • No software errors, the only limit is the speed of the Internet or of the application used
  • Clear sound, lavalier microphones

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Over the last two decades, more information has been produced and circulated globally than over the last five thousand years, taken together. Under this huge pressure, we are being asked to achieve as much as possible.


One objective of any business is to increase profitable sales and share value. We help you do this by using structured, and organization-wide digital transformation and innovation solutions.


There are inherent challenges in communication within populated areas.
Apparently simple, effective, valuable communication requires a voluntary, ongoing effort and appropriate training.

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