Emotional Intelligence

Program presentation

It is now known that IQ is not the main success predictor. Of the 8 forms of intelligence known so far, the EQ has a decisive weight.

People who have performed particularly well in the school environment do not necessarily manage to have a proper career, while others, more modest in school, manage to have exceptional careers in very diverse fields.

Same in business: self-confidence, self-motivation, perseverance, interpersonal skills determine success in a greater measure than the dimensions of intelligence measured by IQ tests.

Who is this program designed for?

Every person who, in their daily lives, faces the challenges of human interactions.

What questions does the program answer?

  • Can intelligent people fail?
  • What does it mean, and why does it matter to know myself?
  • Can I develop emotional intelligence?
  • What can I do concretely to develop my emotional intelligence?
  • Emotions or intellect? What matters more in my life achievement?
  • What role do the emotions play for me: sabotage or friends?
  • What is the link between emotions and motivation?
  • What are emotional poisons and how do I reduce emotional toxicity?
  • What role does the emotional climate play in the organization?
  • What does empathy help with and how do I practice it?
  • What do the social tact and good people-to-people relations require?
  • What does it mean to be an emotionally smart manager?

Program structure / Addressed topics

  1. EQ and IQ
  2. Types of human intelligence
  3. Self-knowledge – self-control – self-motivation
  4. Empathy – recognising the emotions others
  5. Self awareness in social context
  6. Managing people-to-people relationships
  7. Emotional climate as a motivator
  8. The emotionally toxic leader
  9. Collaboration, trust, support – the essence of the functioning of human authorities

Why Emotional Intelligence with INSPIRES?

Vast Experience

Our consultants have trained more than 70.000 people from various organizations from Romania and abroad.

Unique style

The combination of a vivid, alert, informal presentation style with the provision of relevant examples, good quality humour and pragmatism provides the guarantee of a memorable course experience.

Concrete results in the organization

The long-term impact of the sessions held by the INSPIRES consultants is reinforced by customer feedback over time.

Master emotional intelligence as your professional career evolves!
Gain the emotional intelligence skills needed to lead, manage and inspire more efficiently!
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