Digital transformation

Digital Transformation

How to adapt your business to the new digital era.

Program presentation

Do you often feel like a plumber who has to fix 5 pipes that run at the same time?

Then, you need to focus on priorities: the pipe that runs the hardest. But if, after you have fixed your urgent tasks, you don’t take time for proper planning and maintenance (this means the important tasks), tomorrow you’ll have the same problem as in the movie Groundhog Day.

You need to go down to the basics of both strategy and execution, and get the digital transformation right. We are here to guide you step by step in this amazing journey.

People used to say, “I’m going online.” We don’t say that anymore. Because we’re always online.

Businesses have a similar challenge: it is not about their digital strategy. It is about strategy and execution in a world where the offline meets the online and the digital is more important than ever.

One final objective of any business is to increase profitable sales and share value. We help you do this by using structured, and organization-wide digital transformation and innovation solutions. You will also learn to use OmniChannel principles and techniques to integrate digital into your current business. All are organized in a clear structure to build your skills and delivered in a practical way, with concrete case studies, from Silicon Valley to Europe and then to real examples from Romania.

There is no manual for Digital Transformation. We help you to write your own manual. With you, for you.

Who is this program designed for?

Marketing, sales, business development, operations, IT, human resources, control, procurement teams

Business executives responsible for business strategy

Entrepreneurs looking for new business opportunities

Topics addressed

  1. Strategy and innovation
  2. Technology și digital tendencies
  3. Internal organization and change management
  4. Business processes and operations
  5. Finance and controlling
  6. The digital legal framework
  7. Commerce and sales
  8. Range of assortments and categories
  9. Fulfillment and client assistance
  10. OmniChannel sales and communications
  11. Integrated customer analysis
  12. Person-to-person Marketing


Vast Experience

Our consultants have trained more than 70.000 people from various organizations from Romania and abroad.

Unique style

The combination of a vivid, alert, informal presentation style with the provision of relevant examples, good quality humour and pragmatism provides the guarantee of a memorable course experience.

Concrete results in the organization

The long-term impact of the sessions held by the INSPIRES consultants is reinforced by customer feedback over time.