An original INSPIRES program!

It is an eminently new product on the world training market, designed as a whole.

The content of the program is original, thought from the very beginning for the corporate/organizational environment and is the result of our observations in working with the corporations in Romania and of the many years of fundamental readings from various fields, from ancient philosophy to market economy, from animal ethology to biblical studies, from the history of arts and religions to management and psychology.

The sciences do not exist separate from each other, they interjoin, helping us to better understand a part of our lives, whether we are managers or specialists. The program takes a holistic approach and carries out state-of-the-art business information, with relevant examples from both recent and distant corporate history.

CORPORETICA is, through its novelty in the business world, a program in full accord with the latest trends in our business environment. Edmund Phelps, a professor at Columbia University and a Nobel Prize for Economics in 2006, claims that Western civilization needs a new humanism for its prosperous survival. Otherwise, only technological and purely economic progress would lead to fatal overheating of the entire value system.

At least in our country, CORPORETICA is a first step toward a new humanism.

Who is this program designed for?

It addresses the mind and spirit of a person in today’s business context!

CORPORETICA is an exercise that tests the compatibility of those involved with the environment in which they work, of matching with the world in which they work. As a result of this exercise, each of them can determine their suitability to the position they occupy within an organization, to the type of task they have to carry out, to the work relations with their colleagues.

Moreover, by correctly knowing the values underlying the corporate phenomenon, they will be able to find out whether or not they are made for corporate activation and, if so, how they could contribute to the progress of corporate thinking, for the general good, from an economic, social, standard of living and environmental point of view.

Once this inner assessment has been made, each of the program participants may act accordingly.

CORPORETICA’ aim is to awaken our students, not to anesthetize their spirit. The course is an invitation to work with ourselves, often neglected, to our detriment. It helps to stench our narrow certainties, to “wipe dust” off our soul/mind/psyche.

Topics addressed

  1. Your company logo: what, how much and how we know about the company
  2. Interspecific aggressiveness and competitive practices (past)
  3. Dominant reason and classic capitalism (present)
  4. Intuitive empathy: the queen of emotions
  5. General conclusions


Vast Experience

Our consultants have trained more than 70.000 people from various organizations from Romania and abroad.

Unique style

The combination of a vivid, alert, informal presentation style with the provision of relevant examples, good quality humour and pragmatism provides the guarantee of a memorable course experience.

Concrete results in the organization

The long-term impact of the sessions held by the INSPIRES consultants is reinforced by customer feedback over time.

Find out if working in a corporation suits you and how you can advance corporate thinking!
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