The selection of the INSPIRES company for the training program of the managers of Aegon proved to be… inspired! With two different personalities, but animated with the same enthusiasm, the desire for professional excellence and perfection, Dorin and Florin offered us practical tools, management models, self-assessment opportunities, but also harmonious relaxation moments entwined in the program. The time we spent together last year was both beautiful and useful, so we are looking forward to continuing!

DAN JILAVU General Manager, GKN Hoeganaes

What Dorin Dancu and Florin Enache or INSPIRES means to me is the completion of my education of 7 years from home, 17 years of institutionalized education, 20 years of corporate education, learning to become better without losing my human quality. The beauty of “communication”… The ability to learn to become “assertive”… The ability to read behavioral “profiles”… Understanding the “stress” in the positive or negative sense… all of this you wish to acquire, either through individual study or through sustained training. Dorin Dancu is the one who MANAGES to convey them through seriousness, his own experience, smile, knowledge, examples, connections, friendships. And the courses become unique, humorous experiences that run easily, spontaneously, and you don’t know when they’re over. You’ll always remember them!

GABRIEL MATEESCUFinancial Executive Vice-President, Alpha Bank

I first met Florin indirectly, through someone who had taken his Time Management program. She was so impressed that she told me all the managerial marvels there and especially the impact Florin had on the audience. Then I worked together over the course of a year, directly with Florin, through some coaching sessions for “leadership skills”. It was a special and specific tailored program to cover the particularities of our organization. There were free exchanges of ideas and advice on issues and events I faced and Florin helped me understand the right approach, both in personal and organizational terms. I thought of extending he program, so that other colleagues could benefit from Florin’s multi-organizational experience. We will continue the program in the future, going on the principle that managerial education is welcome at any age and helps us to become better, not only as managers, but also at a human level.

NORINA GAVANCountry Manager, Worwag Pharma

For me, MY team is one of our company’s most important assets. Regardless of the team type I refer to – the medical representative team, the management team or the project team, I think we can achieve outstanding performance only if we know how to work together effectively. However, when a team has difficulties working together, the company’s performance is not good. Teams are effective when each of their members knows why they are on that team, understand each other’s personality, have common goals, understand the motivation of what they do together and individually. For some years, Dorin has been helping us develop as a team, opened our minds and eyes to our possibilities to go beyond our current capabilities, thus increasing our performance. The management team of a company is often the differentiator between the success and the failure of the company. That’s why we need a united team that performs well, regardless of changes in or outside the company. Dorin “taught us” to accept that we are different and that this diversity can be used for the our benefit, for each of us, and for the whole team in our company. 

And, as Coco Chanel once said, „In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”. Dorin IS different!

ANA-MARIA MATEIHuman Resources Manager, E.ON Servicii S.R.L.

Since 2012, all seven E.on companies in Romania have received training services from INSPIRES. The way the training programs are carried out and the results of the internal evaluations enable us to appreciate in particular the quality of the training services provided by INSPIRES, the experience of the trainers, and the quality of the materials provided to the participants. Motivated by the high degree of adaptability to our demands, we considered it appropriate to extend the collaboration indefinitely. The people who have participated in the programs conducted in cooperation with INSPIRES recognize in these trainers the professional and organizational skills required for their personal and organizational development, but also a friend and adviser. What distinguishes the INSPIRE trainings from their competitors is the trainers’ charisma, their ability to alter the learning process with the coaching process, but also keeping an open and warm relationship with the participants. The perfect combination of information sharing, role games, exercises and free discussions attracts participants to develop their skills and competences.

ANDREA PETRETraining and Development Manager, Carrefour Romania

Carrefour Romania has been working with INSPIRES for several years on various topics of training and development: leadership, communication, time management, business presentations and coaching skills. Our collaboration with them over these years has been extremely good. The participants’ feedback shows that they are by far the most highly valued trainers we have worked with. This directly involves raising our standards and expectations from any other training provider we work with. Both Dorin Dancu and Florin Enache have the remarkable ability to send powerful messages through suggestive examples in a simple manner. What sets them apart from everyone else is the ability to combine the latest and best knowledge and information, all with good energy and much fun. We are very pleased with the training solutions offered by INSPIRES and we confidently recommend any form of collaboration with them.