Soft Skills

The courses delivered by our trainers offer a memorable learning experience that inspires people to give their best and to excel, both in their personal and professional life.

We offer viable solutions, proven by years of experience and thousands of participants, which can be implemented at a personal, team and organizational level.


Digital Transformation

Training that presents structured innovation and digital transformation solutions at the level of the entire organisation.

Clear structure to build your skills and concepts delivered in a practical way, with case studies, from the USA to Asia.

Proven impact.

Memorable experiences.


It is an eminently new product on the world training market, designed as a whole.

The content of the course is original, thought from the very beginning for the corporate/organizational environment and is the result of our observations in working with the corporations in Romania and of the many years of fundamental readings from various fields, from ancient philosophy to market economy, from animal ethology to biblical studies, from the history of arts and religions to management and psychology.

Management School

Often promoted as managers based on specialist skills, people do not acquire the necessary skills to exercise the new role: it is tacitly assumed that they will learn and manage “on the go”.

The experience we have gained over the years in working with managers has confirmed that a coherent, sustained, regularly tracked program produces significantly better results than isolated training sessions.

Effects are more visible when all management levels are involved in the program.