Time Management

Program presentation

Over the last two decades, more information has been produced and circulated globally than over the last five thousand years, taken together. Subject to this huge pressure, we are being asked to achieve as much as possible, to be as productive as possible in an ever shorter time.

We often have to choose where we find the time to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. The program helps us to distinguish priorities, plan time and organize information: this is the most direct path towards results.

Who is this program designed for?

All those who need to harmonize the roles of life (employee, entrepreneur, partner, parent, friend…) and become effective in achieving their goals.

Program structure / Addressed topics

  1. What is time management?
  2. How do we set our goals and what is the link between them and time management?
  3. What are our priorities and how do we honour them?
  4. How do we plan on taking control and be proactive?
  5. How do we organize information in order to be effective?
  6. What are the perspective and healthy approach of time in the psychological context?
  7. How to develop healthy and productive relationships with others and defend ourselves from interruptions and by delegating effectively?
  8. How can I do good crisis management?
  9. What do I do to reduce stress due to lack of vision, disruption and interruptions?

Why Time Management with INSPIRES

Relevant examples

Translating theoretical concepts into tangible, relevant examples that are easy to represent in practice


Improving performance


Practical, proven solutions that work in everyday life


Support in implementing and integrating our solutions in your professional and personal life

How can you take time to achieve everything you plan?
Learn how to prioritize tasks and manage time for greater productivity
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