Our approach reflects the personal style of every trainer. You will find in our courses: a relaxed and conversational style, humor and messages with deep resonance.

Life experience, professional seniority and interdisciplinary knowledge of the INSPIRES trainers are intertwined in the approach.

Each trainer builds and adapts the course to the Romanian cultural requirements and to the specific realities of the client.



A harmonious, condensed and holistic mix of knowledge and life experiences, originally presented and in an authentic, lively style of each of us.

The informal, relaxed style, spiced with stories and humor, energizes people and makes it memorable to their souls and minds.


It is a personal and professional development tool through which introspection is stimulated by the questions of a coach. It usually follows the training programs and the feedback.

Coaching unlocks the potential of an individual in order to maximize their own performance.

Coaching helps you learn by yourself rather than you being taught. In other words, you have access to the fishing rod rather than to fish.


Facilitation is the activity of leading a group discussion session to speed up solutions, decisions and actions.

We stimulate and align the group’s ideas and initiatives and we accelerate the decision-making process.

We capitalize the group’s knowledge, skills and experience and lead them towards a concrete result.


Process and skills consulting (styles of leadership and organizational culture).

Concrete solutions, complementary to training.

Implementation and integration of concepts, competences and attitudes acquired after the delivery of the training programs.